ANoter Privacy Policy & Terms & condition

Privacy Policy for ANoter Android apps.

ANoter (pronounced A Note R) is an open source application that act as a quick note with encryption. The encryption is made simple so that it is convenient to use with simple pin password. Perfect for personal private use.

All data inputed to the application is kept only on the device encrypted. And will not be collected. Your password is used for private encryption, and because of its privacy, your password can't be restored if lost. Data stored inside the device is encrypted, and only be decrypted using your own pin when you're viewing / editing it.

Please note that data protection outside the application reach is your own responsibility. Any data collected by other party like human peeking, hardware hacking, phishing etc, is outside of the application responsibility.

Make sure you downloaded from the official store, or compile it yourself by using the shared source code ( If using the source code, you can change the encryption method into something unpredictable.

The Application is distributed as is, and it is what it is. ANoter and developer is not responsible for any damage/lost (if any) because of using the application.